Friday, February 27, 2009

Mixed feelings

I have news everyone! Well, as some may know and some may not, tonight was Bregelle's and my time in a small spotlight. I mentioned before that we were having a "meet the Artist" showing at the local coffee shop, Diva's. Our art has been hanging up for about 3 weeks or so, no calls about buying it. But tonight was the night to meet us and I sold a small (8"x10") painting, there were jewelry sales, and I even sold an Altoids tin (I'll post some pics to show you what they look like). As the title of this posting says, I have feelings that are mixed, stirred about inside my soul...for I am actually parting with an original. I haven't sold an original painting since I was like, 17 I think. And I've only sold 4 originals in my lifetime; I mostly sell prints. The first original I sold was to a professor at Montgomery Community College, the same college bought a collaged self-portrait, the third was purchased by a citizen of my childhood community, and the fourth tonight. I'm not really to stressed out though, it went to a good home. I take it as a huge compliment that someone liked my work enough to purchase it. There's only a little bit of me that is posseive of my painting. Thankfully, that is also why I have a scanner. In the end, my news tonight is good news.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yeah! I did it again

Good news everyone, I finished another painting. I don't know why I really like pandas recently, but I do. I've been thinking allot about them. The black and white coloring, slow movements, sometimes claws, they are well designed animals.

This particular panda thought when he was a cub, he would grow up to work in the mafia. He was big, he knew that he was tough, he knew also that a staggering amount of money could be made from ill gotten gains. It seemed the obvious career path for a young rebellious cub looking for a way to make it in the world. He had taken some small jobs for a local river cane smuggler to get a feel for the racket. Things looked good until the incident.

His older brother never wanted anything organized in his life, he believed chance and fate were ruling deity over his stay in mortality. Naturally, he took up gambling. With the gambling came money and lots of leisure time. The older brother's life seemed care-free. Even with a care-free life, you should never let your guard down. He gathered too much debt and not quite enough winnings. His creditors didn't like that at all.

The river cane smuggler that our main character worked free-lance thuggery for, happened to be one of his older brother's bookies. When the brother couldn't pay back the smuggler, he sent in a couple of real nasty guys, a one eyed vulture who worked with the disgruntled postal worker Asian rhino. They beat, shaved the older brother like a poodle and dyed him pink.

The older brother survived, but our hero wanted to get back at the scumbags who did this to his family. He decided that to hunt them down and bring them to justice. He caught the hardened criminals. He liked getting the bad guy. He liked the hunt. Criminal work was not for him, he would help find the lost, expose the corrupt, and do it his way. The rigors of being part of the police and the chain of command were things he didn't like. He was his own panda. So he hung up his brass knuckles and became, The Gumshoe.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

One down, a few more to go

Hello, this is a quick post, I'm really excited to have the idea fleshed out. I had the original idea brainstorming my bachelor's project about 2 years ago. Thankfully I kept the thumbnail to work from, now it's brought to life. I'm not 100% sure of the title, I was thinking Corax, which is Latin for raven (the full Latin name is Corvus corax) or Calculations as the title. That's it for today.