Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can you believe this junk?

Image belongs to and created by, Brad Holland

Bad news everyone. The Graphic Artists Guild or gag, I mean GAG, is suing prominent artist Brad Holland and others for, get this-defamation. Are they serious? Sounds like they really are out for the best interest of fellow artists...or themselves. Whichever is the easiest I'm sure. At any rate, if any artists or people who like art or just hate frivolous and hateful lawsuits meant as intimidation, please join the petition. Click here and email your name in to help out and put a stop to an unjust lawsuit! Stand up and make yourself heard, this lawsuit needs to stop.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

On a mountain top the panda did roam

Hello, it's that time of the year that all the established sci-fi and fantasy artists get together and submit their work to Spectrum. At the same time, anyone else who thinks they know how to draw a dragon tries to enter as well. Needless to say, I have to enter, getting into Spectrum would be a dream come true. Although I don't think that I'll put in a dragon, how about the next best thing? A panda! So this is my entry into Spectrum. It was a good way for me to practice (don't we all need to be practicing all the time?) painting mountains and animals, together. Oh yeah. Word. The image isn't that great, I'll have a better one up tomorrow or the next day, along with some process shots. I started with a charcoal drawing, painted it with gouache and finished it with acrylic. I spent about 2 weeks on it, not too bad, can I just say how much I like paint? Keep watching for more to come!