Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can you believe this junk?

Image belongs to and created by, Brad Holland

Bad news everyone. The Graphic Artists Guild or gag, I mean GAG, is suing prominent artist Brad Holland and others for, get this-defamation. Are they serious? Sounds like they really are out for the best interest of fellow artists...or themselves. Whichever is the easiest I'm sure. At any rate, if any artists or people who like art or just hate frivolous and hateful lawsuits meant as intimidation, please join the petition. Click here and email your name in to help out and put a stop to an unjust lawsuit! Stand up and make yourself heard, this lawsuit needs to stop.


Tonia said...

Who is he defaming? Sounds like you could sue anyone for anything these days. Too bad I have that whole temple recommend thing going....I could make a couple bucks! Now sueing Graeme Base - he is defaming animals!! (I'm sure I could think up a few others if I wanted to :) Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving. Tell Bregelle sorry I missed her birthday awhile back - I have been horrible with birthdays this year!

Tonia said...

yeah, just realized I already wrote a post about Bregelle's birthday... I'm kinda tired. From now on just go ahead and delete any of my posts!