Monday, January 05, 2009

A better picture

Good news everyone! My wonderful wife took some photos of my Panda painting and made it look better then the one that I have posted below. So to take advantage of her skills I'm posting the better one.

Were the holidays good for everyone this year? My vacation time was spent inside the dwelling of my in-laws. This was not because they were keeping me there as a house servant, cleaning and cooking, and assisting in such tasks as being the chimney broom. I helped out around the house out of my own free will. The main reason was, well two fold. Fold one involved the outlandish amounts of cold air lurking just outside the window. With that cold air was lots of unfriendly snow. It really didn't seem to want to play with me, it melted and soaked my clothing whenever I sat in it or kicked it. The second fold was out of my control. The cause of which is the fact that I have no self control when there is a shiny new game system to play with. You read right. I played alot of games. At least some involved exercise, I was able to burn off a small amount of the sugar I inhaled from the vast supply of sweets sitting on the counters. So for the sake of my wife, don't think about getting me a game system anytime soon. Also, I started a my vision of the cover to the book "A Horse and His Boy" by C.S. Lewis. I have started it, now to the hard part, finishing it. So, all in all, it was a good time and I'm looking forward to next year being just as much fun.

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Jeff and Anna too! said...

Weeeeell lookey who did more than kick snow and play video games! He blogged! ... after....

good picture-I thought about your paintin as I watched Kung Fu Panda tonight.