Sunday, January 18, 2009

A new work in progress

Good news everyone, I started another painting. The reason that I'm doing another painting, other then the fact that I'm an artist and it's what I do, is this; I am going to have some of my work up on display at Divas cupcake and coffee shop. They do a monthly meet the artist reception and the wife and I are the artists for February. I thought to myself, what should I put up for the little showing? Why not another panda? I had some good ideas that I hadn't used yet so I went ahead an drew this one up today. Although I have to admit, it wasn't an all day drawing, I slept in until...well let's just say I slept in. But, at any rate, the image that you see is my charcoal under drawing that I love to begin with. If anyone has any critiques for this before I start painting, then shoot em off, cause I'll be painting this soon.

Also, I got a new cactus. It looks really cool, sadly I don't have a picture yet. I might some day soon though, but we'll see. Have a good night.


Jeff and Anna too! said...

Not gunna lie... Cupcakes and smoke? Maybe a panda like what you have minus the cigarette? Smoking is now being frowned upon and the new cool is health fitness and being green. I wouldn't hang a smoking anything in my cupcake shop that children frequent.. especially in SLC

uglymuffin said...

Don't worry about that, they are thinking of having a wine tasting for our opening. I really doubt that they are worried about a cigarette, but thanks for the critique, I'll mull it over if I want to take it out. Do you think it works for the composition?

the_jcw said...

Tyler, DO NOT listen to them....I simply love this piece and I think a lot of others will to. It is one of my favs and that extra detail (cigarette) in the mouth makes it what it is. DO NOT remove the cigarette.