Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good news everyone

As I stated in the title for this post, Good news everyone! I recently decided that my old domain name was reeealllly long and tedious to write out in the address bar quadrant of the browser. I was afraid that people might be getting severe wrist damage to their outer extremities used for typing (the wrists). was just to dang long. So I came up with a really catchy new name to brand myself with., the wife came up with that one)...sadly, that was taken. I thought it was so clever. Then as I really thought about it, long and deeply, a different name came to me. One that is catchy and fun to say. It has an 80's movie ring to it. Are you ready for this? The new website name is: Catchy huh? It reveals that I like to paint, art is my business, and I know the secret to Life, the Universe, and Everything. And writing that reveals that I like science fiction humor as well. At any rate, please change your book marks, redo your links, and check back soon, I'm going to finally give it an awesome face lift.