Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beware of the tentacles!

Good news everyone! Really good news this time in fact. A certain t-shirt company that produces and sells a new t-shirt everyday has decided to print my design. Now there is one catch. This awesome shirt will only be on sale for one day. That's one 24 hour period and then it's gone forever. The day of this sale is November 16th, from midnight to midnight. The mystical company has a website and a name. And they are both named: One reason why it is a special company, they sell the shirts for only $10 and very reasonable shipping rates.

The image above is my shirt, but you have already guessed that. I call this shirt "Pocket Protector". A traditional pocket protector only keeps things from hurting a shirt, this one keeps things in the pocket, adds things to the pocket, attacks things, and might live on pocket lint until if is large enough for a cargo pocket. Then it needs to eat more substantial matter, like loose change, small rodents, and that fuzzy Swedish fish that has sat in your hoody pocket since last Halloween.

Now, I have a little goal. To sell over 50 shirts. No one has sold more then 50, with your help, I think this can be reached! So, please, tell your friends, tell your boss, and get one for the kids.

What I do on the weekend

I once bought a bear. This bear was a toy known as a Qee. These toys are part of the vinyl craze sweeping the nation with other lines of toys known as Kid Robot and Dunnys. They really aren't toys as much as they are collectible pieces of art. Most of the series are designed by different artists. They poor broken bear is one of the DIY series, a blank canvas if you will. It can be left in it's natural wood state or you can spruce it up a bit. The little guy pictured was home for about 30 secs, I moved his legs and they fell off. So I did what anyone in my situation would do, I whined to the company and they are sending me a new one. In the mean time, what was I to do? I had the legless piece of vinyl just sitting around...So again, I did what any one would have done, I modded the heck out of it. All I really did was cut off the groin stump, glue on a piece of a broken antique police whistle, and paint on a battery pack. Piece of cake. Now, it's a cyborg bear.