Saturday, December 05, 2009

Just another post in the life...of me.

Good news everyone! Well, I'm trying to get a little drawing I made into a post on and for some reason it won't work, I blame the government because it's too awesome. So that's why I'm posting this guy again so I have a new, fresh, shiney link to use for the posting process. Anyways, I have a lot of new things to post, but gosh darn it I have been working way to much lately to post anything, who knew that this time of year is the time of year that people would be ordering thousands and thousands of Christmas cards? My poor wife, I think she's forgetting what I look like anymore...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beware of the tentacles!

Good news everyone! Really good news this time in fact. A certain t-shirt company that produces and sells a new t-shirt everyday has decided to print my design. Now there is one catch. This awesome shirt will only be on sale for one day. That's one 24 hour period and then it's gone forever. The day of this sale is November 16th, from midnight to midnight. The mystical company has a website and a name. And they are both named: One reason why it is a special company, they sell the shirts for only $10 and very reasonable shipping rates.

The image above is my shirt, but you have already guessed that. I call this shirt "Pocket Protector". A traditional pocket protector only keeps things from hurting a shirt, this one keeps things in the pocket, adds things to the pocket, attacks things, and might live on pocket lint until if is large enough for a cargo pocket. Then it needs to eat more substantial matter, like loose change, small rodents, and that fuzzy Swedish fish that has sat in your hoody pocket since last Halloween.

Now, I have a little goal. To sell over 50 shirts. No one has sold more then 50, with your help, I think this can be reached! So, please, tell your friends, tell your boss, and get one for the kids.

What I do on the weekend

I once bought a bear. This bear was a toy known as a Qee. These toys are part of the vinyl craze sweeping the nation with other lines of toys known as Kid Robot and Dunnys. They really aren't toys as much as they are collectible pieces of art. Most of the series are designed by different artists. They poor broken bear is one of the DIY series, a blank canvas if you will. It can be left in it's natural wood state or you can spruce it up a bit. The little guy pictured was home for about 30 secs, I moved his legs and they fell off. So I did what anyone in my situation would do, I whined to the company and they are sending me a new one. In the mean time, what was I to do? I had the legless piece of vinyl just sitting around...So again, I did what any one would have done, I modded the heck out of it. All I really did was cut off the groin stump, glue on a piece of a broken antique police whistle, and paint on a battery pack. Piece of cake. Now, it's a cyborg bear.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good news everyone

As I stated in the title for this post, Good news everyone! I recently decided that my old domain name was reeealllly long and tedious to write out in the address bar quadrant of the browser. I was afraid that people might be getting severe wrist damage to their outer extremities used for typing (the wrists). was just to dang long. So I came up with a really catchy new name to brand myself with., the wife came up with that one)...sadly, that was taken. I thought it was so clever. Then as I really thought about it, long and deeply, a different name came to me. One that is catchy and fun to say. It has an 80's movie ring to it. Are you ready for this? The new website name is: Catchy huh? It reveals that I like to paint, art is my business, and I know the secret to Life, the Universe, and Everything. And writing that reveals that I like science fiction humor as well. At any rate, please change your book marks, redo your links, and check back soon, I'm going to finally give it an awesome face lift.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Somethings that are in the works

Good news everyone! I'm ready and am now making a new posting for your viewing and reading pleasure. I've been lax in my postings lately. This time though, it's not been because of any visual distractions (for awhile I was catching up on the last 5 seasons of Lost...I sort of spaced out for a couple of months) or recent family reunions. I haven't posted because I've actually been working on artwork! Am I amazing or what? The projects undertaken have been for both fun and profit. The fun stuff is what I'm going to show off. Now, I'm not done with any of them, these are works in progress, so be kind.

The first one I'm doing as fan art for the series of podiobooks called Heaven, written and narrated by Mur Lafferty. She's an awesome author and has many many podcasts to be found at her site. Heaven is about a couple of friends that end up kicking the bucket and travel through the different parts of the after life. I've taken the liberty to illustrate one of the cities from season 5, Lathe. It's full of tinkerers and madmen.

The second image is an idea I've had for awile and is totally my own self promotion for self promotion's sake. Now that you know what I'm working on, feel free to bug me about seeing the final projects.

Oh, I forgot one other thing, I've started a flickr art page, check it out be clicking here.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guess what?

Well, it finally happened. The last post that I put up on this here blog, has made it onto a tee shirt on this site. I'm excited for it. I don't think that I'm going to be getting any money for this but it's going to be printed. This marks my first time as a "professional" tee-shirt designer. I think that the whole tee shirt explosion is a pretty cool business model. These businesses are offering sweet alternatives to department store blandness. I'll admit that originally I was a little skeptical of the huge amounts of silk screening, I mean all over the stinking shirts. It was crazyness. But I think it's grown on me, maybe it's the fact that I'm on one, maybe it's that I'm really hungry and the lack of food is making me delirious. I don't know for sure. But I do know that if I see any radish men running around, I'm eating one.

I've put it off long enough. It's time to pimp my shirt (it doesn't matter that there are about 35 other people on the shirt, it's my shirt) and give you some fun pictures to look at. The shirt is only $6, so I'm getting one for me and the wonderful wife. People of the internet can buy it August 2, all day, then it's gone forever. If you can't spot my tentacled guy, it's number 31. Also, go to this link and this link to see the images better then you can on my blog. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tango with this!

Good news everyone, a demon mated with the tee fury bird and had a hideous offspring. The implications on cross dimension relations with the demon dimension are positive. Also, I might get it printed on the 1st birthday anniversary tee-shirt for the company. I'm posting both pictures of the beast, one is the original and the other is the modified version for the tee-shirt. Just so you know, the one on the left is the original and the other is the changed version for the shirt company. Until next time, up up and away!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Illustration Friday, again!

This week is the fun topic of "worn". As a big Hellboy fan, he's one of the most abused and tired hero's out there. I think he fits the bill for the topic. Is it sacrilegious to draw this guy in church? My pen was restless... >)

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Bad news everyone, there was a little trouble with the last batch of doughnuts. Just kidding, I only wanted to show what happens when a person eats a cursed doughnut (any guesses where that idea came from?) . Or it's a commentary about forces behind the junk food obsession. Or, maybe I just wanted to do a quick loose, well as loose as I can get, drawing while watching Lost and thinking about zombies and Claire's weird flashbacks. Since I like all three explanations, I'm not telling. Besides, isn't it more fun when you get to think of your own interpretations of what an artist was thinking? So go out and enjoy your very own cravings!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Illustration Friday

Good news everyone! I'm still alive and drawing some new things. I was thinking and thinking about the topic this week for Illustration Friday. And as I was thinking about it, I asked muh wife about it, she had a good idea that sounded fun, so I drew with it. I mean ran with it. The idea is that MP3 players have really taken over the world and I think that the primate section of the wilderness would really enjoy adapting to the music and music sharing scene. And so, tada, my entry for this week's topic in Illustration Friday.

Friday, April 24, 2009

my new wallet.jpg

So, mobile blogging does work. This image of my new wallet was sent from my phone. That's right, my phone. Pretty nifty eh? I feel it's important to have an explanation of why the photo looks so blurry. Normally when I'm showing off my new toys and such, I try to at least have a decent picture of what I'm displaying. But it is my new wallet, I made it mostly myself. I didn't make the Altoid's tin, but I did paint the image that graces the top of it. And that's what really counts. It also has a money clip on the back and a magnet clip on the inside of the lid to hold my random pieces of paper I keep in my wallet. The owner of the boutique where my wife is selling her jewelry, really likes the idea of an Altoid tin wallet. She likes the idea so much, that in a couple of weeks I should have some made and ready for sale.

Friday, April 17, 2009

New places to spend money

Good news everyone! One day soon you'll be able to have all your favorite artwork from me, on all sorts of products! I opened up a store (just click on the link) that prints art, skateboard decks, messenger bags etc. Tell your friends, get a bag for your flying squirrels to sleep in, buy a print for your aunt, the possibilities are endless. Right now I only have two things up, but check back and I should have more up soon.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Another fun video

Behold. The Brink. This is a trailer for the new book by J.C. Hutchins. This guy knows how to write a scary book, well the ones I read were more suspenseful, gripping, and a darn good read/listen. Against what you might think, I am not getting paid for this. I just like the author is all says I. If you have an MP3 player and like podcasts, go to and find his 7th Son series.

Friday, April 03, 2009

A give away of sorts.

Cause this post is the bomb!

Wow, two postings in one night.

I don't know how far back this goes, but what I do know is that Anna started it, Tonia helped, and Whitney sucked me in. So here's the break down of my give away of sorts:

The first five people to comment on this post will get something made by me. It's my choice. For you. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
2. What I create will be just for you.
3. It'll be done this year (hopefully sooner than later.)
4. You will have no clue what it is going to be.
5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange (would you expect anything else from me?)

There is a catch. Which is that you must re-post this on your blog (that means that if you want something from me, you must be willing to give something away yourself). The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment telling me you did will win a marvelous homemade gift by me! I also have to be able to contact you somehow, you can email me your email from this page. Ok, now post!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

TED talk

This is a crazy little talk from Pretty neat ideas. Listening to talks like this rejuvenate me. They make me want to turn my corner of the world upside down and make it look like I want it too. It also inspires me to continue pursuing my dream jobs of freelance illustrator and/or art director.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mixed feelings

I have news everyone! Well, as some may know and some may not, tonight was Bregelle's and my time in a small spotlight. I mentioned before that we were having a "meet the Artist" showing at the local coffee shop, Diva's. Our art has been hanging up for about 3 weeks or so, no calls about buying it. But tonight was the night to meet us and I sold a small (8"x10") painting, there were jewelry sales, and I even sold an Altoids tin (I'll post some pics to show you what they look like). As the title of this posting says, I have feelings that are mixed, stirred about inside my soul...for I am actually parting with an original. I haven't sold an original painting since I was like, 17 I think. And I've only sold 4 originals in my lifetime; I mostly sell prints. The first original I sold was to a professor at Montgomery Community College, the same college bought a collaged self-portrait, the third was purchased by a citizen of my childhood community, and the fourth tonight. I'm not really to stressed out though, it went to a good home. I take it as a huge compliment that someone liked my work enough to purchase it. There's only a little bit of me that is posseive of my painting. Thankfully, that is also why I have a scanner. In the end, my news tonight is good news.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yeah! I did it again

Good news everyone, I finished another painting. I don't know why I really like pandas recently, but I do. I've been thinking allot about them. The black and white coloring, slow movements, sometimes claws, they are well designed animals.

This particular panda thought when he was a cub, he would grow up to work in the mafia. He was big, he knew that he was tough, he knew also that a staggering amount of money could be made from ill gotten gains. It seemed the obvious career path for a young rebellious cub looking for a way to make it in the world. He had taken some small jobs for a local river cane smuggler to get a feel for the racket. Things looked good until the incident.

His older brother never wanted anything organized in his life, he believed chance and fate were ruling deity over his stay in mortality. Naturally, he took up gambling. With the gambling came money and lots of leisure time. The older brother's life seemed care-free. Even with a care-free life, you should never let your guard down. He gathered too much debt and not quite enough winnings. His creditors didn't like that at all.

The river cane smuggler that our main character worked free-lance thuggery for, happened to be one of his older brother's bookies. When the brother couldn't pay back the smuggler, he sent in a couple of real nasty guys, a one eyed vulture who worked with the disgruntled postal worker Asian rhino. They beat, shaved the older brother like a poodle and dyed him pink.

The older brother survived, but our hero wanted to get back at the scumbags who did this to his family. He decided that to hunt them down and bring them to justice. He caught the hardened criminals. He liked getting the bad guy. He liked the hunt. Criminal work was not for him, he would help find the lost, expose the corrupt, and do it his way. The rigors of being part of the police and the chain of command were things he didn't like. He was his own panda. So he hung up his brass knuckles and became, The Gumshoe.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

One down, a few more to go

Hello, this is a quick post, I'm really excited to have the idea fleshed out. I had the original idea brainstorming my bachelor's project about 2 years ago. Thankfully I kept the thumbnail to work from, now it's brought to life. I'm not 100% sure of the title, I was thinking Corax, which is Latin for raven (the full Latin name is Corvus corax) or Calculations as the title. That's it for today.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

At it again

Good news everyone! I now have two more under drawings finished or mostly finished. These are for my upcoming "meet the artist" at Diva's Coffee house. I am trying a new method with the raven man. I drew the whole thing with a ball point pen on a gessoed board. I'm curious to see how the gouache reacts to the ink. The fish is drawn with charcoal. It's a real white catfish, pretty eh? Well, it is late and I must go to sleep.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun in the Sundance

Good news everyone! There has finally been a sale at the gallery Bregelle shows in. There's a guy who was having a one day show and we went to go see it and there was the coveted red dot on one of her pieces! Whee! In case you were wondering, it was "Breakfast at Tiffany's" that sold. It was a whirlwind of excitement. We weren't sure that we were going to head out to Park City tonight, but it was a good thing that we did. While we were there Bregelle had the opportunity to talk with some collectors and other people interested in her work.

Ok, let me write about the show today, it was crazy. Very crazy. The artist showing is named Keith Bryce. He's a fashion designer and a former contestant on Project: Runway (which means he's a minor celebrity of sorts). Nice guy, cool ideas, styling glasses. As part of his show he dressed up some really funky looking models. I'll put in some pics of what one of them looked like. There was skin showing, antlers poking out of places, tall heels, and glitter I think...anyways, the cool thing about his shin-dig happened before we got there. The BBC and CNN along with a few other news networks had some camera crews in the gallery. So that's exciting. The pics in this post are some of the model, one of the walls with Bregelle's work, and a close up on the one that sold.

A new work in progress

Good news everyone, I started another painting. The reason that I'm doing another painting, other then the fact that I'm an artist and it's what I do, is this; I am going to have some of my work up on display at Divas cupcake and coffee shop. They do a monthly meet the artist reception and the wife and I are the artists for February. I thought to myself, what should I put up for the little showing? Why not another panda? I had some good ideas that I hadn't used yet so I went ahead an drew this one up today. Although I have to admit, it wasn't an all day drawing, I slept in until...well let's just say I slept in. But, at any rate, the image that you see is my charcoal under drawing that I love to begin with. If anyone has any critiques for this before I start painting, then shoot em off, cause I'll be painting this soon.

Also, I got a new cactus. It looks really cool, sadly I don't have a picture yet. I might some day soon though, but we'll see. Have a good night.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

An Owl in the Night

Night Owl, by Bregelle Whitworth Davis

Good news everyone, there's going to be a party soon. But before I tell you about that, this painting relates to the party that I'm going to be telling you about in just a moment. The painting was a Christmas gift from my wife. It totally caught me off guard. She's been painting and painting like mad to get everything done for the event I'm about to tell you about. With all her preparations I didn't expect to receive a painting of my own.
Now, I know you have all been waiting to find out about the good news party. It just so happens to be an opening for Bregelle...get this, during the huge Sundance Festival in Park City, Utah. My little painting is an example of her style of work. If you want to see more of her work, click here. When will this awesome event happen? January 23 and 24 at the Silver Queen Gallery in Park City, bottom level of the Silver Queen Hotel on the Historic Main Street. There will be music and food, so if you are in the area, please feel free to stop by. Oh yes, the hours that we will be there are as follows: 6-9 both nights.

Monday, January 05, 2009

A better picture

Good news everyone! My wonderful wife took some photos of my Panda painting and made it look better then the one that I have posted below. So to take advantage of her skills I'm posting the better one.

Were the holidays good for everyone this year? My vacation time was spent inside the dwelling of my in-laws. This was not because they were keeping me there as a house servant, cleaning and cooking, and assisting in such tasks as being the chimney broom. I helped out around the house out of my own free will. The main reason was, well two fold. Fold one involved the outlandish amounts of cold air lurking just outside the window. With that cold air was lots of unfriendly snow. It really didn't seem to want to play with me, it melted and soaked my clothing whenever I sat in it or kicked it. The second fold was out of my control. The cause of which is the fact that I have no self control when there is a shiny new game system to play with. You read right. I played alot of games. At least some involved exercise, I was able to burn off a small amount of the sugar I inhaled from the vast supply of sweets sitting on the counters. So for the sake of my wife, don't think about getting me a game system anytime soon. Also, I started a my vision of the cover to the book "A Horse and His Boy" by C.S. Lewis. I have started it, now to the hard part, finishing it. So, all in all, it was a good time and I'm looking forward to next year being just as much fun.