Friday, April 24, 2009

my new wallet.jpg

So, mobile blogging does work. This image of my new wallet was sent from my phone. That's right, my phone. Pretty nifty eh? I feel it's important to have an explanation of why the photo looks so blurry. Normally when I'm showing off my new toys and such, I try to at least have a decent picture of what I'm displaying. But it is my new wallet, I made it mostly myself. I didn't make the Altoid's tin, but I did paint the image that graces the top of it. And that's what really counts. It also has a money clip on the back and a magnet clip on the inside of the lid to hold my random pieces of paper I keep in my wallet. The owner of the boutique where my wife is selling her jewelry, really likes the idea of an Altoid tin wallet. She likes the idea so much, that in a couple of weeks I should have some made and ready for sale.


Jeff and Anna too! said...

Nice, Tyler!

Thanks for the help in Photoshop!

M and W said...

doesn't that hurt when you sit on it? It doesn't look very soft.