Friday, April 17, 2009

New places to spend money

Good news everyone! One day soon you'll be able to have all your favorite artwork from me, on all sorts of products! I opened up a store (just click on the link) that prints art, skateboard decks, messenger bags etc. Tell your friends, get a bag for your flying squirrels to sleep in, buy a print for your aunt, the possibilities are endless. Right now I only have two things up, but check back and I should have more up soon.


Jeff and Anna too! said...

... I don't want my squirrels seeing the bad example the Panda is setting by smoking. They're already in trouble for wreaking havoc on the stairs.

Jeff says you should design skate board decks.

Tiffany wants to know when the header of her blog is ready!

Laura said...

COOOoool, is this a real example or digitally pasted on?

Teresa said...

Hey, I would buy this in a second if he weren't smoking. Somehow I just couldn't bring it to church, nor the grocery store where it would look like I condone smoking. OTHERWISE I would totally buy one of these.

love, mom

Curious Art said...

Very cool bag! Thanks for your comments on my blog. Sorry to say the show is in North Carolina... but I appreciate your asking!

Your evolved earbud concept is really clever too.