Sunday, March 14, 2010

Having fun on the web

Good news everyone, I was told about this site from my friend at work. He makes more abstract images, I can't do that, so I took this tool called Mr.doob and wanted to see what kind of illustrations I could make with it. Using the long fur "brush" I made a very nice barren landscape with desolate furry looking trees. I can't remember what I used for the second drawing, but I felt like making something with a great big eye.
This is interesting, the tools take away the ability to know what you were going to make before hand. There's really no way to plan out your project, but I think that's the whole point. It's not really a permanent form of creating artwork. You can save the image, but it's only at the resolution of the screen you are using. What's interesting to me is the varied forms that people create, from deer to owls to squids. And that's if you want to make it closer to the realm of realism. My friend's work is impressive in it's minimalism.