Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Good news everybody! I finally finished my Hellboy Munny. It's a little four inch guy that is a mutant, I traded the body of a Raffy for the body of a classic munny. I think that it turned out pretty good, so I totally needed to show him off. I can't wait to get another one to work over. Here's some of the specs, the right hand of Doom is sculpted out of scultpty, the tail is made out of sculpty, and the horns are were actually already part of the head, I just cut them down. So there he is, all finished.


Bad news everybody, there's oil out in them waves. There's this lady that wants to help by getting a bunch of people together using Illustration Fridays vast amount of submitters to do a small piece of artwork and donate it. For a small fee of only $10 (which goes to charity) you then get to have then art work that you liked. There's more details on her blog. As you can tell, I drew a pelican fighting to free itself from the oil. I saw pictures of pelicans coated in the sludge, making them look like pathetic, melting statues. There's a fighting spirit to clean up the spill quickly. From Gov. Bobby Jindal creating barrier islands to Kevin Costner's centrifuges down to the hundreds of volenters throwing out their backs shoveling sand, people are uniting to help clean up the Gulf.