Monday, August 31, 2009

Somethings that are in the works

Good news everyone! I'm ready and am now making a new posting for your viewing and reading pleasure. I've been lax in my postings lately. This time though, it's not been because of any visual distractions (for awhile I was catching up on the last 5 seasons of Lost...I sort of spaced out for a couple of months) or recent family reunions. I haven't posted because I've actually been working on artwork! Am I amazing or what? The projects undertaken have been for both fun and profit. The fun stuff is what I'm going to show off. Now, I'm not done with any of them, these are works in progress, so be kind.

The first one I'm doing as fan art for the series of podiobooks called Heaven, written and narrated by Mur Lafferty. She's an awesome author and has many many podcasts to be found at her site. Heaven is about a couple of friends that end up kicking the bucket and travel through the different parts of the after life. I've taken the liberty to illustrate one of the cities from season 5, Lathe. It's full of tinkerers and madmen.

The second image is an idea I've had for awile and is totally my own self promotion for self promotion's sake. Now that you know what I'm working on, feel free to bug me about seeing the final projects.

Oh, I forgot one other thing, I've started a flickr art page, check it out be clicking here.


Tonia said...

Keep up the flickr page, your pics don't always come up on the blog (our computer is lame sometimes).

the_jcw said...

U R need to get going with that secret project, or U R going to loose opportunity :( sorry keeemosabee