Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Geuss what? I have two now!

A funny thing happened, the first version was supposed to be a female not a dude. So I was contacted and told that a gender change was in order. A few hours later, in Photoshop, the operation was completed. I put them together to show the difference that a little time and effort can make. It's a fairly sad story about a lady that had to tell her brother some very bad news about his wife, happily it all turns out okay in the end. Let me know what you think.


The Luna Chick said...

I love artwork! As the author who's work it will appear with - I had to tell you I though it was amazing. You captured the feeling of that moment and anyone who sees this can read the emotion through the eyes, hand gestures.
Very well done.

Teresa said...

You amaze me with your skill in photoshop. It's been fun picking out the what exactly you changed, the shirt, hairdo, eyebrow, forehead, etc. Even the lantern was changed. Nice job.

Raluca C said...

I think there are both great and even greater is the fact that you posted them together,so one can see the process! Well done!!