Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Having some fun

Well, last week my wonderful wife won an art contest in our town, one of the prizes was a long board. I've never had a long board before and since I've snowboarded and skated for a while, it would be a snap to learn. As I played around on small hills with small inclines, I felt pretty good about myself. On the way to work, I started down a fairly steep made my board go into some speed wobbles. Basically I was like a suburban teenager who couldn't hold his liquor. I tipped and I slid and I left a small trail of DNA on the pavement. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of my story.


the_jcw said...

wow! that tore you wide open!


OH MY GOSH SICK PUSS BUBBLes! Your poor hand! Your poor... knee? IS that what that is? And your poor pants. That was so painful. Man it looks like it was bad. Skinned hands burn like they're on fire!


uglymuffin said...

Thanks for the concern :) It hurt for a little while, now my hand looks like it has wax on it, in other words, it looks better. I'm really sad about my pants, I hate patching clothing, it takes so much time.

Ashley Smith said...

oooo... Tyler I think your blog has been dedicated to blood, guts, puke, and other revolting things. Keep up the good work.

David T said...

I hope you put some Neosporin on that.



David T said...

I hope you put some neosporin on that.