Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here's a little something I've been cooking (WIP)

To go along with the panda known as, The Gumshoe, I'm working on this creature. I haven't totally decided whether to make it a boy or a girl vulture. It's a rich vulture none the less. This creature could also be the villain in the story. Sort of the Gumshoe's Moriarty. A little about the process, I painted this in Photoshop and then I'm going to paint it on a panel traditionally. What does everyone think?


Teresa said...

Love the face. Most vultures seem to be male (The Jungle Book), the necktie seems masculine to me.

P.S. I wanna learn how to paint in photoshop...and I lost the brushes you gave me.

Laura said...

I like it. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

hey tyler its me cyndell. your art is awesome. heres a question can you draw me?