Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Testing yet another blog app

Good news everyone, I'm still technically alive. Although I feel like a slug (no offense to slugs) that I have not been posting more of my work. I haven't been a complete slacker these last few months. There were some major computer hurdles that I needed to overcome first, but all that is done and I can relax and get to the good stuff of putting my work online. I am really bummed that I missed this weeks Illustrated Friday. The topic was midsummer evening. There a lot of great entries.

What does everyone think of this drawing? The noble octopus, what a fascinating creature.  This drawing turned out really well. Until next time, keep drawing.

1 comment:

.:Anna:. said...

I never told you... I love this drawing. It would be adorable with a letter on each ... poster thing.. with Tristans name spelled out.

Not that I have a baby I think about constantly.

And octupuses aren't really his theme... it'd still be cool. Specially cause I mispelled octopus