Sunday, January 20, 2008

Griswold's confession

The dark secrets of Poe's last week alive will be revealed in the near future. It's a sinister tale of forbidden rites and a bleak underworld, as told by his editor, Rufus W. Griswold. The text was written by a very accomplished author named Otis Twelve. It's part of a full length novel that makes for a terrific read.


Tinklemeyer said...

Are you writing this? I want to see it! How cool?! Oh, I'm reading "Japanese Gothic Tales" by Izumi Kyoka and translated by Charles Shiro Inouye. He's like a Japanese version of Poe. I think you'd like it, totally crazy...not quite as hauntingly cool and Poe where you think about it for weeks after you read it, but pretty good.

D.V.W. said...

Tyler, this is D.V.Wesselmann here... author of "Imp" .. and the source of your text here... wonderful work... I am interested in following up... are you?

Anonymous said...

...oh... my e-mail ><