Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Good news everyone! Bregelle and I made it mostly unharmed from our day snowboarding at Sun Valley. Oh my yes, it was a beautiful day to be out in the open air. I took some pictures to show you all and also a video.


Denis Isakov said...

Hello, That is sick!!!! I am not able to go for a drive on snowboarding. Good luck!!! Denis Isakov

Teresa said...

The video was lots of fun. Did you attach the camera to your hat? Strapped it to your chest? cool.

Love the beard, that pose was so Mountain Man, it made your mama smile :^D

Sushi Sundae said...

Hey!!! WHOOOOTTTTT I know which one I want!!! I want the plague one...with the guy standing on the pile of bodies. YES!!!! and I will email my address.! yes! I will, I will, yes!