Thursday, September 04, 2008

Help out and cast your vote!

Hi, I should have done this a long time ago, sorry Cass. Cass or James, is my brother-in-law and a graphic designer of some note. He entered into a time sensitive contest and needs our help. To win the contest at the t-shirt design website, design by humans, he needs your help. Please click here to see his cool shirt design. Log in and vote on it. Trust me, while there won't be any dancing leprechauns, you'll have a warm fuzzy feeling very similar in nature clogging green clad midgets. Everyone will have to hurry, voting ends on the 8th of September. That's only 3 days away!

1 comment:

the_jcw said...

many great thanks to your and your many dancing leprechauns. Maybe your blog followers will be like "whoah, I can help someone and see dancing magical creatures! I will do this"