Thursday, September 08, 2011

Crazy masks

Steampunk Leather Masks | HOW TO BE A RETRONAUT

So I was perusing around on the website, minding my own business following links, when I came across this link. It kind of blew my mind. Steampunk has a classy, classic, Jules Vern feel to it. These Steampunk masks are somewhat different. Most of them are what the German Nazi zombie guy with the clock work heart in the first Hellboy movie would have hanging in his closet. This site has to be were the villains of the steampunk worlds but their costumes.

I think you will find them interesting at the least. A few pf them are not so subtle nods to pop geek culture like Star Wars and Watchmen. The mask that looks like Nightowl is one of my favorites. I hope this link helps spark your steam engines, get your gears grinding, and polishes your brass thinking caps and flying goggles. I think I might just have to make some steamy art.

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