Monday, March 05, 2012

Help for Hazel

Mediocre news everyone. Our little rabbit Hazel is sick, she has a tumor on her belly. Its a mammary tumor. One that needs to be removed. Sadly, this particular operation is expensive. It's not enough to make your head explode, but it is enough to make our check book and debit card cower in fear. To raise the funds for the healing of our little rabbit, Bregelle has setup a drawing for one of her awesome paintings. To enter the drawing, please visit Bregelle's website for all the details. It's a really cool chance to get a painting of your pet or favorite animal, like a muskrat, yeti, or panda bear. She'll even paint an octopus if you win and want her too. Please take a chance to win your painting and tell your friends. I might even do my own fundraiser, any requests?


Laura said...

I'm sorry about your bunny. That's so sad. Good luck with the fund raiser.

uglymuffin said...

Thanks Laura, there has been a lot of help coming in. We are 2/3 of the way there! She'll be tumor free very soon.