Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Toppens for the birds

Anti-Occupy Protest Takes on Bird Killing Wind Turbines | The Weekly Standard

Ok, I usually keep things pretty much focused on helping Hazel, promoting my work, or other artistic endeavors. In a round about way, this is about art. The linked article (hope it works) is about the "Occupy occupy DC" group protesting the OWS people coming back out of the wood work now that the weather is warming up. The anti-ows folks were protesting wind turbines. As a very minor bird and bat watcher, I had no idea that the environmently "safe" turbines slaughtered so many flying animals.  Due to an increase of predators, song bird populations are already on the decline. Now birds have to worry about giant blades of death. My wife paints lots of birds for a living. Could she be documenting a declining and disappearing group of animals? Something I don't know the answer to, but wonder after reading this article; how much research goes into finding out the impact of these turbines? Are they placed in migratory highways? Remember, it's toppens for the birds, not chopp'n the birds.

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