Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And the winner is...

This is a bitter sweet post. I wish it was all good news regarding the Help For Hazel fundraiser, you know, that she receieved the surgery she needed and all went well. Sadly, that wasnt what happened. Hazel went in and had some x-rays taken, her lungs and body cavity were full of tumors. The doctor didn't give her long to live. We made the terrible decision to put her down the next morning. That was last Friday. She was a wonderful rabbit. We miss her a lot. Because she didn't make it, we stopped the fundraiser early. But we still had the drawing for the prize painting.  The hat is all the names and tickets of the donors. The second picture is the winning ticket pulled from the hat, thanks Rachel!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cancer is back at it again.

Bad news everyone,
Our little rabbit, Hazel, is once again growing tumors on her belly. This time the tumor is over 6cm long. A smaller one can be felt just below the big one. She was jumping and playing around until a few weeks ago when I think the tumors just got to big to be comfortable. The surgery this time is going to be about $650 for x-rays and removal. The vet wants to see if there are more nasty things inside her before exploring around in her chest cavity. So, this time around, I'm going to be putting up the offer of a custom painting by me, as a fundraiser to help with the surgery. I know it seems like a lot of money for a little rabbit, but I really like her, she is our only rabbit that hasn't destroyed any of my expensive electronics. And she's messy like me. And she's really cute. So if you would like to help me keep her around for awhile longer and have a chance to get a painting of whatever you want (a value of $525 mind you) go to my wife's web site here: CLICK ON ME!  It will make everyone's day better. Thank you.

Monday, April 01, 2013

A new month is ahead of us.

Good news everyone! This is the first day of April. I was going to post a picture of me with a shaved head saying I've given up art to become a monk. But then I didn't. So instead of an April fool's prank, I figured I'd continue where my last post left off. Of course now that it's a new month, I'm going to post all my daily drawings from the last month including the ones I've already posted, because I think it would be fun to see them all together. The weird thing is that I started drawing, dare I say it, cute things toward the end of the month. I started with the word "Fresh" and drew a rat monster hanging fresh laundry up to dry. I ended the month with a bunny jumping for joy. Why the transition from monster to cute, I don't really know. It's baffling. Whatever the reason, it's been really fun to challenge myself to do a drawing a day and then share it. It's been enough fun that I am going to use Rhianna Wurman's list again for April. In May, I think I'll do my own list and maybe have a prize for someone who does a drawing EVERY day. We'll see about the prize, if you like the idea or hate it leave me a note in the comments. Without further ado and yammering, here are a months worth of doodles:

Favorite Letter, I picked "O"
In the Woods
Someone who inspires you
What I am listening too
Calm (you need calm when working with Bloggers new way of layout, grrr)
A Friend
Present (even Thor had awkward years...)